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Prices for A+ Tutoring classes and courses Prices for A+ Tutoring classes and courses

Here are the season pass prices for Fall 2015; individual tickets can be purchased for $7.00/hour (in other words, a ticket for a 2-hour class costs $14).

ACCT 209$150
BICH 410$185
BIOL 111$170
BIOL 112$165
CHEM 119$175
CHEM 120$160
CHEM 107$165
CHEM 227$180
CHEM 228$160
CVEN 305$170
PHYS 201$175
PHYS 202$165
PHYS 207$175
PHYS 206$175
A+ Tutoring prices for season passes
MATH 141$155
MATH 142$155
MATH 151$160
MATH 152$160
MATH 171$160
MATH 172$160
MATH 251$170
MATH 253$170
MATH 308$170
MEEN 221$170
MEEN 315$175
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